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18 June 2020

What do you understand by Depression? And NLP Help......

Depression, often mistaken by common man, as an exaggeration of one’s suffering than understanding the fact that Depression is a serious illness. With Depression, several other forms of serious health issues. These often get out seen by the people. Depression is a constant feeling of lowered self-esteem, guilt, sadness, loss of sleep & appetite, unstable concentration on day to day lively activities and zero interest in things around oneself. But how do you know whether you are depressed or just tired of 2 months busy work/study schedule? In such cases , Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) plays important role to come out from this sate of Depression. There is no single diagnostic technique where you can get yourself diagnosed with Depression. It is a series of event. At first you will be as ignorant as people around you and you want notice that your interest and stability while doing any kind of daily work is reducing. You will try and excuse it with your bad sleeping habit a

21 July 2019


Self confidence is useful in all situations to maintain inner personality in a inspirational and supportive manner.It is a fundamental tool to achieve our target in any area of interest for a human being and self confidence enhance a boosting power of an individual.No one can start a successful journey without self confidence.Now let us find the options to make a self confidence path for growth .So, we have to move forward on two basic steps, one is to remove the internal maps of fear from unconscious mind and second is to reestablish the internal maps of self confidence in unconscious mind.