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Anxiety disorder relates to having a feeling of nervousness or having fear or anxiousness. You develop such feelings mostly when you are concerned about your future and related more to the body symptoms. Anxiety develops a feeling of loneliness and makes you feel caged most of the time. When you are anxious, you will tend to run away from the situation rather than facing it. 

Some physical symptoms of anxiety include excessive sweating, fast heartbeat and nervousness. It has been seen that NLP therapy has proved to be effective in solving anxiety issues in delhi ncr, noida, gurugram, and faridabad and helped a lot of people to live a normal life. 

How we can help Anxiety Issue?

We will have two goals in therapy. First, it will help you express and experience feelings and emotions that you may have been burying and experiencing as panic attacks. As soon as you feel panic starting to take hold of your body, ground yourself using grounding techniques, breathing exercises, and movement.

Continually focusing on the present rather than constantly worrying about the future will allow you to feel more in control of the present.With my help, you will learn to regulate your emotions even when feeling anxious or on the verge of a panic attack.

FAQ Related To Anxiety Disorder

Q1.) Can anxiety disorder be cured?

Ans:-  Yes, It can be cured with proper anxiety therapy.

Q2.) Where can I find a counselor for anxiety in delhi ncr?

Ans:- Prashant Sharma provides online counselling for problems such as Anger, Fears, Social Anxiety, Self-Confidence in NCR cities, including Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, and Noida.

Q3.) What is the most common anxiety disorder?

Ans:- The most common typre of anxiety disorders are phobias, social anxiety and panic disorder.

Q4) What anxiety feels like?

Ans:- It’s an uneasy feeling of worrying all the time that will disrupt your daily life.

Q5) Is anxiety linked to low self confidence?

Ans:- A person with anxiety disorder won’t be able to concentrate and thus it’ll lead to poor performance and low self confidence.

Q6) Is anger a symptom of social anxiety?

Ans:- Yes, a person with anxiety issues will get irritated easily and thus it’ll lead anger problems also.

Q7) Can you be confident and have social anxiety?

Ans:- Social Anxiety are if different types depending on the individual behaviour. A person can be confident in some fields but in others he might loose the confidence because of social anxiety.

Q8) What does a person with social anxiety fear?

Ans:- A person with anxiety fears about the future and getting judged by others.

Q9) Can a Counsellor help with confidence?

Ans:- Yes, a counsellor with perfect knowledge can help in improving the confidence level.



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