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Career Counselling

with Prashant Sharma

Counselling is a wide field that targets helping individuals and giving them help with their emotional well-being and prosperity. There are a few kinds of mentoring that arrangement with various spaces of a person’s life, like Marriage and Family Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling and Guidance and Career Counseling.

Career Counselling is an area of guiding that spotlights on assisting people with tracking down the right profession pathway. In vocation advising the people get direction from proficient advisors that give master counsel on the possibilities, inclination, inspirations, abilities and inadequacies with the utilization of painstakingly planned evaluation apparatuses. These evaluation apparatuses are both abstract and objective. After cautiously considering the person’s advantages and inclination, vocation instructors guide people to lay out their profession objectives.

Q1.) What questions should a person ask a career counselor?

Ans:- A person should I ask a career counselor on how to build their strength and weaknesses, what is the best career option for them, how can they stand out from their compitition etc

Q2.) What is the difference between a career counselor and a career coach?

Ans:- Career counselor ask you different questions to understand your weakness and strength. Where are the career coach practically works on your weakness and strength.

Q3.) Where can I get the best career counselling in Delhi NCR?

Ans:- You can get the best career counselling in Ghaziabad Faridabad gurugram Noida and other parts of Delhi NCR from Mr Prashant Sharma

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