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Resolving Your Life Issues

Make Better Decisions

with Prashant Sharma

For success in life you need to be a good decision maker in life. Decision makes you move ahead in life and grow. You cannot stand still in between, you need to make one decision to move ahead. For some people it gets very difficult to make a decision, and they get into a dilemma of what to do. Sometimes people do not make the decision to escape from the situation. Your decision will decide your future. Everything you’ll be 10 years from here will be based on your decisions. It’s anything but a typical issue that individuals will in general postpone settling on a choice. This might be because of an inward obstruction, absence of lucidity or dread. So one will in general overlook choosing and let the issue wait. The issue simply remains all things considered, and one day, it’s anything but a crisis.

How Can We Help

Prashant Sharma will help you in getting to know the important factors that one should consider while making a decision. These factors play an important role in making a decision. If you succesfully understand how to know these factors and the effect of these factors on your decision. I’tll become easy for you to come to a conclusion.

FAQ Related To Indecisiveness

Q1.) Why are you so indecisive? Why are people so indecisive?

Ans:- Making a decision should be personality trait in every person. Maybe sometime it might be a hard choice for you to make but still you would be able to make the decision. If you face problem in making decision then there migh be some fault somewhere.

Q2.) What Can You Do With Your Indecisiveness?

Ans:- To make a decision you’ll have to let go off your fear and then only you can make a decision. Doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right but making a decision is important.

Q3.) Why Are People so Indecisive, and Is Procrastination to Be Blamed? 

Ans:- Procastination might be a problem but waiting for the perfect scenario is the worst. There will never be a perfect moment to make decision. 

Q4.) Is Indesiciveness related to depression?

Ans:- A depressed person always lacks motivation which is very much needed while making a decision.

Q5.) Is indesiciveness related to lack of confidence?

Ans:- Yes, a person with low confidence will never be able to make the correct decision in life.



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