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Resolving Your Life Issues

Overcome From Depression

with Prashant Sharma

Depression is a state of change in mood due to some life incidents. It’s a feeling of sadness, anger or loss that keeps on effecting the day-to-day activities of a person. Depression may lead to other health issues such as cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. Depression is a serious medical condition that can get worse with time. People start having suicidal thoughts. Depression is a serious issue which negatively effects a person’s behaviour and thought process. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose depression as the person might seem to be okay, but the actual situation may be different. To know such conditions, you need the help of an expert who can help you get out of the depression issue. 

How We Can Help?

During counselling session, the specialist will utilize “talk therapy” to assist you with comprehension and work through the issues that are affecting your life contrarily. Their job is to tune in, give input, and work with you to foster methodologies to adapt. They will likewise assess your advance and change the meetings as needs be. You might be approached to do schoolwork that expands the gaining from the directing meetings. Frequently, this is through following moods and feelings.

FAQ Related To Depression

Q1.) Can depression disorder be cured?

Ans:- Yes, Mild symptoms of depression can be cured through talk therapy or NLP. For severe cases you should consult a psychiatrist.

Q2.)Where can I find a counselor for depression in delhi ncr?

Ans:- You can get NLP or Depression therapy from MR. Prashant Sharma in Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram and other parts of Delhi NCR.

Q3) What is the most common depression symptoms?

Ans:- A feeling constant lonliness, guilt, anxiety, loss of interest, low moods, sadness etc. All these symptoms can be related to depression.

Q4) How is depression diagnosed and treated?

Ans:-  A person with mild depression is generally interviewed with question to diagnose the severity of depression. Accordingly therapy is given to treat depression.

Q5.) Is depression a mental illness?

Ans:- Yes, Depression is a mental illness and not a personal weakness. It is treatable

Q6.) Can a lack of sleep cause depression?

Ans:- No, but it can intensify the existing depression.

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