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Resolving Your Life Issues

Overcome Past Painful Memories

with Prashant Sharma

Sometimes past memories can make you stand still there, and you are not able to grow in life. It is very important to get over your past. For some people it gets very difficult to get over their past. These past memories haunt them day and night, and, therefore, they cannot focus on many things in life. These past memories will give you pain and make you uncomfortable over and over again. Though it’s not very difficult to move ahead of these memories. You just need a perfect guide to show you the perfect path. NLP methodologies have been proven to be successful in helping people to move ahead of their past.

A past painful memory will last longer than the good ones because of the interaction between the emotion and memories. A painful memory takes you through a lot of emotion and that is why it stays with you for a long time.

Q1.) How to deal with bad memories from the past?

Ans:- You cannot just run away from your memories. To forget them you need to face them and find a better solution for it.

Q2.) Why do I keep remembering past painful experiences?

Ans:- The past painful experiences comes in your mind again and again because of the emotions associated with it. The bad experiences of your life took you through a lot of emotions and that is why it is there in your memories for so long

Q3.) Can you block out bad memories?

Ans:- Yes, you can block out bad memories but for that you need a assistant from a friend, family or therapist. Mr. Prashant Sharma is an excellent therapist who can help you in blocking out the past in full memories.

Q4.) Can past painful memories lead to trauma?

If past painful memories keeps on affecting your day to day life then soon it becomes a trauma

Q5.) Where to get therapy for past painful memories?

Ans:- You can get NLP therapy from Mr Prashant Sharma in Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram, Delhi and other parts of Delhi  NCR.

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