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The education scenario in today’s world has completely changed. Students have to work harder to compete and get better results. The syllabus is bulky and lengthy. Some students deal with poor memory and find it harder to maintain their pace with the syllabus. It gets harder for them to memorise everything. To get a better result, memory is an important criteria. NLP methodology helps in modifying poor memory into moderate memory, which will eventually improve calculation power and theoretical memory. It will help in creating shorter study patterns with better results. It’ll actually improve the overall performance of the student.

There can be a lot of reasons for poor memory. Poor memory can be due to anxiety or depression or it can be a medical problem. If poor memory issue is not due to medical problem then it can be improved with the help of NLP therapies and guidance from experienced life coach. An experienced coach can help you to get a healthy lifestyle which is important for developing a good memory.

FAQ Related to Poor Memory

Q1.) What is poor memory associated with?

Ans:- Memory problems include forgetfullness or confusion. It has been linked to depression and anxiety. Depression is associated with short term memory loss.

Q2.) What are the factors that affect your memory?

Ans:- Lack of sleep, stress and anxiety, depression, vitamin b12 deficiency, alcohol abuse etc. These are some important factors that affect your daily life.

Q3.) Can poor memory be improved?

Yes poor memory can be improved because brain has the ability to reshape itself whenever it comes to learning and memory.

Q4.) How poor memory can be improved?

Following a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking and quitting alcohol helps in maintaining a good memory.

Q5.) How can a counsellor help in improving my memory?

Ans:- Counsellor will help you to shape your lifestyle in a better manner. A better lifestyle leads to a better memory.

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