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Overcome Sleeplessness

with Prashant Sharma

Sleeplessness basically means trouble in sleeping, especially at night. Either you’ll wake up several times, or it’ll be difficult for you to sleep. It gradually effects your mental and physical health. It also leads to frequent headaches. Most of the adults need 8hrs of sleep every day. If you’re not sleeping this much, then you’ll face difficulty in concentration, irritability, fatigue etc. There are many reasons that may cause sleeplessness, i.e., aging, too many watch hours (on television, games, mobile phones etc), uncomfortable environment etc. Most of the time, stress, worry or anger might cause sleeplessness.

Mr Prashant Sharma will help you in knowing the reason behind your disturbed sleep cycle through his methodologies.

Prashant Sharma is a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner. He has helped many to bring some positive changes in their life. He’s a great motivator who has held many workshops for people dealing with such issues, and it eventually helped them to get success in their life.

NLP stands for ”Neuro Linguistic Programming”, and it has existed around us since the 1970’s. NLP is basically a collection of strategies and techniques for gaining excellence in order to help us better understand our behaviour, including how the language we use influences the way we think and the results we get. NLP therapy helps us to bring significant positive changes in behaviour.

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