NLP for the diagnosis of mental health and illness

NLP for the diagnosis of mental health and illness

The conversation about mental health was taboo just a few years ago, but fortunately, things are changing now, one conversation at a time. As the most advanced, intelligent species on the planet, humans can act, feel, and think in an infinite variety of ways, albeit occasionally, even if we are oblivious of our advantage and what tremendous advantage humans have over every other animal on the earth. Isn't that fascinating?

Our superpower- Brain

Given the fantastic strength of the brain and the creative ways it helps us, we should consider ourselves fortunate and even pleased at times. This makes us the dominant organism on the earth. But as we are all aware, "With great power comes tremendous responsibility" is a proverb that holds in all spheres of life. The query that triggers our memory appears at this point.

What if this important tool, which helps shape the person we are, determines one day that it is sick of carrying out these duties, that it has to alter its plan of action, and that it intends to modify the way it repeatedly works without giving any prior notice or obvious symptoms of alarm?

That would be bad since this is not a marvel movie make-believe universe where our minds would transform us into mad scientists, nor do we, as humans, have a complete awareness of the social structure around us, allowing us to shape it however and whenever we like.

Mental Health is equally as important as Physical Health

Whenever we have a fever or a physical ailment, it can be measured and treated. Sadly, mental discomfort is not easily diagnosed and thus remains latent in our bodies. It is high time we bring it out in the open. There is a misconception that wherever happens in the body is not associated with the mind and vice versa. This cannot be any further than the truth.

The body and the mind are quite different things, but they are more intimately related than we know. Damage to one impacts its counterpart; a healthy brain will keep a healthy body, and an upset mind will also hurt the body. We all want to be physically well, and the key to having a healthy mind. A depressed or sick mind affects those around it negatively and causes physical issues in its system, such as heart disorders, stomach difficulties, and even kidney disease.

Each person is unique and experiences a mental illness and psychological anguish for various reasons, making it challenging to identify the exact cause in any person. The multiple causes of mental disease can range from biological or hereditary factors that cause stress to social factors that contribute to a person's numerous mental disorders. However, there may be multiple or complicated causes for mental illness, spanning from factors in a person's job or way of life that are stressful to their mental health.

Can NLP Help in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses?

A 2015 analysis of 12 minor research that was presented in Psychiatria Danubina offered evidence to the contrary, though. NLP "can hold its position in compared with other psychotherapy procedures," the review's conclusion stated.

Studies between 2009 and 2012 also yielded contradictory findings. In the first study, NLP respondents indicated the improved quality of life for as long as five months following their therapy sessions,

Finding the source of the problem and enhancing emotional wellness become the priorities when you want to start feeling good about life and carry on making smart decisions about the future.

How to eliminate the "learned helplessness" that several people hold is yet another topic covered in the Neuro-linguistic Programming course. They behave, think, and feel powerless because they believe they cannot influence their circumstances in life.

An NLP program removes this powerlessness and substitutes it, for instance, with a strong, beneficial anchoring state of confidence, which is a much more empowered way to be than self-managing.

Final thoughts

NLP can do wonders for your mental health. If you want a taste of that, reach out to us at We have the best life coaches, advisors, counselors, and motivational speakers that will help you lead the life you have dreamed of.

Time is of the essence here. The sooner you act, the better your mental state will become with Kundan Lal Foundation.

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