Personal Counseling

People can aim for success in business and personal life by discussing problems and worries in a safe setting. Within personal counselling, we provide brief, confidential individual advice & walk you through crisis interventions along with examinations for mental health and other issues.


  • 1) Subsist with behavioural changes
  • 2) Enhance the client's efficiency and coping mechanism
  • 3) Improve the client's ability to form and maintain connections
  • 4) Fostering the potential process of decision-making
  • 5) Bring about an internal and external development of personality
  • 6) To achieve the goals mentioned above, we follow the strategy given below:
  • 7) Understand the subject's issues and the range of potential solutions.
  • 8) Assist with everything from elementary worries about stagnation to significant violent behaviour.
  • 9) Create peace & mend wounds
  • 10) Halting spiralling conflicts
  • 11) Reinstate reasonable expectations that help achieve your goals.

Through our sessions, you can relieve uncomfortable symptoms with improved emotional health, learn new methods for making decisions & solving problems, have more fulfilling interpersonal connections, and get greater insight and understanding into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

- Stress

We actively intend to inform, motivate, and enlighten people seeking stress reduction. We ensure great results in reducing stress by basic means & measures. You can connect with us for a session & try it for yourself.

- Anxiety

We're here to support you no matter how severe or mild your anxiety is. We'll discuss the cycle of stress in therapy and discover how each stage of the process relates to your personal experiences. You will go further into this loop as we find better methods together to influence your thoughts, feelings, & actions, & help you break the cycle of anxiety.

- Depression

We encourage you to get in touch with us if you're hoping to find a relationship that can enable you to get rid of your evil thoughts, weariness, and hopelessness. We wish to make getting started as simple as possible. You can obtain a Personalised Program with us as well.

- Past painful memories

We have observed that many people hold on to at least one painful memory that brings them down in life. We strive to formulate easy-to-use techniques that can easily erase the distressing feelings that are frequently accompanied by these memories. We ensure you can put them to rest once and for all.

- Sleeplessness

A delayed body clock may be a cause of trouble while falling asleep. But here's a thing, sleep can now be attained with good assistance and guidance. We make sure you get a good night's sleep so that your life can be free from additional distresses, frustrations, annoyance and sleep problems.

- Phobias

You might have a phobia if you notice that you tend to react with intense fear or anxiety to things or situations that might otherwise be safe. With the correct assistance, we can help you control your worries and lead a life free of phobias & fears.

- Poor Self Image

Self-esteem is your perception of a general opinion of yourself. It's possible to have a high, low, or average level of self-esteem. We'll concentrate on low self-esteem and put some strategies into practice for overcoming it.

- Managing Emotions

Starting with conversations about your emotions could be a huge first step. With us, you get the chance to examine your feelings and emotional triggers during your sessions. This will help create techniques that help enhance expression and control over your emotions.

- Low Moods

Depression rates have increased during the last ten years. Although, there isn't a quick fix or treatment that works for everyone to overcome depression. Our sessions can help you control your bad moods and lift your spirits. Our sessions will uplift your mood, bring about positive thinking & create a belief shift that ensures your good mental health.

- Poor Concentration

Ever felt like you're trying to focus but are facing a lot of difficulty in attaining a good attention span? These situations can make you frustrated & annoyed. Concentrating on what needs to be done becomes even more of an impossibility due to stress and irritability. We assist you by using science-supported techniques to help you focus better.

- Poor Memory

Poor memory can make your life miserable in many ways. A poor memory could cause problems like misplacing items or brewing anger & mistrust among your loved ones. We wish to make this right. Our sessions aim to improve your memory using specific psychological techniques. This will help you remember things, strengthen your memory, & ensure that you do not forget things for short or long periods. Moreover, the abilities unveiled in the session will benefit participants in several facets of their life.

- Low Confidence

Do you have to face a room full of people or higher authorities but are scared due to low confidence? Get rid of your doubts and feel confident in your skin. Get a session with us & let your confidence level get the much-needed boost. Our positive psychology talks aid your self-esteem & give your confidence that rise it much deserves. Let us help you stay high on self-esteem & tell you the secrets to good self-confidence.

- Relationship Issues

Although falling in love is simple, staying in love is the true challenge. How do you let that love still be strong after a long time in your relationship? How do you keep that spark alive? Let us help! We address the psychology and mental health in an approachable way to help couples overcome the most common ""stumbles"" or troublesome patterns in their relationships.

- Indecisiveness

Indecisiveness can take a toll on you, your team, or the people around you. Indecisiveness tends to leave you & your team hanging on a cliff. If correct decisions are not taken in time, it could lead to persistent problems within your team. To ensure advancement, we make sure to teach you the ways of healthy decision-making. Explore the science of decision-making & the brain wiring that is much needed while you make any necessary calls for your team or your own future.

- Negative Thinking

You lose energy and stop being present when you are thinking negatively. Using several scientifically proven approaches, we can demonstrate how one small thought can lead to a tremendously awful experience. Our strategies during our sessions can help you see things with a good perspective by eliminating negative thinking.

- Past Guilt

We all occasionally make mistakes, whether yelling at a friend or coworker, acting destructively to ourselves, or slacking off at work. And those errors frequently result in intense feelings of shame. With our assistance, you can avoid these detrimental effects and live a happier life by learning how to forgive yourself and decide to let go of the guilt.

- Weight Management

During a busy lifestyle, managing weight could be a real problem. Why face weight problems alone? Whether it's to increase or decrease your body weight, work your weight with us for a seamless approach to healthy living amidst a busy schedule. Treat all your health problems and learn to stay in shape with our efficient weight management sessions. We have successfully helped clients around the country lead a happy life by staying in shape. Connect with us for a happy life!

- Addiction

Addiction is a mighty disease in today's time. One in every three people is dealing with addiction problems. No matter which stage, having someone constantly remind us & shape our beliefs can help. Whether it's alcohol, drugs, or anything else, we deliver accurate measures to help manage your addiction effectively. Our session will help you embrace the discomforts & paint, making it bearable. This will ensure you get rid of your addictions in the most healthy way possible.

- Parenting Issues

One of the most challenging professions in the world is being a parent. But because there is always a solution to a problem, we can assist you by comprehending and resolving your parenting issues. Give your kids the most perfect & positive role models for healthy living & a better life.